I've been spending the last couple of weeks brainstorming on new ideas for the blog and I wanted to give you guys a quick update on them. I think I've found the light, or at least the way I want to proceed for the next few months.

Programming Update

The last couple of weeks I've been brainstorming new topics to write tutorials on. First and foremost Ember 2.0 is almost here and I want to deep dive into some of the basic changes that have been happening. In my last post I talked a little bit about it.

The way routes and components and templates all work together, is kind of confusing to beginners. I want to explore more about how these all work together and how it relates to Ember 2.0. Now there is two ways I can do this. I can either write really long tutorials that create some kind of web app, like a twitter clone, or I can create quick smaller blogs with a handful of tips. I've certainly done both. Right now I think I'm going to focus on smaller blog posts with a few quick tips. I'll still do the longer posts, it will just be less frequent then I've done in the past. We'll see, I'm still experimenting. If you have any feedback leave a comment below!

Other Frameworks

I've been looking at my Google Analytics and talking to a few readers and the census I get is that a lot of people reading this blog are interested in non Ember.js programming topics. Node, JavaScript and Aurelia being the most popular. I'm going to try to make sure that I alternate my posts with some on Ember.js and some on other frameworks. So far it's been working well

It's been hard to nail down which exact topics people are interested in. When talking to my readers it's all over the place. For that reason I'm definitely thinking about doing another survey. Something a little more in depth and something non email subscribers can contribute too. Look for that soon.

Site Updates

If you haven't noticed I've added advertisements to the site. On some of my more popular posts you'll see some affiliate links to courses I recommend. I've been very cautious with this approach. I'm still experimenting and I want the best user experience.

With all that said I've used and recommend every product on the site. For example Code School has so many programming topics it's worth checking out.

I've been looking at Udemy and I'll probably be creating a course with them soon. I don't have too much details to share yet except that it will be on Ember.js. A lot of intermediate to advance users of Ember read my blog however I'm going to focus on beginners. There isn't enough up to date resources out there for them and I want to help. Depending on how things goes, I'll create a followup course on more advanced topics.


My readership and unique visitors have been steadily climbing since I started regularly blogging in February. I just recently hit 22 thousand page views. It's really neat knowing that I have so many people checking out the site.

Mailing List

I've been working hard on delivering some cool stuff to my mailing list. I'm in the process of creating some new cheat sheets and gifts for people who sign up. Right now my list is about 250 people. So please signup and join the community!


Next week you can expect another tutorial from me on either Node or Aurelia so stay tuned.

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