The Ember.js Cookbook Is Finally Out!

The Ember.js Cookbook Is Finally Out!

Hooray! My book is finally done! You can buy it on Amazon or Packt.

I started this book mid 2015. Since then it's gone through several revisions and several updates. I never realized how much work is required for a book until I started working on this. It took a lot of late nights.

For those who don't know I wrote this book so I could help more people learn Ember.js. Some recipes are from this blog, others I created for the book.

Here are some of the chapters.

  • Ember CLI Basics
  • The Ember.Object Model
  • Ember Templates
  • Testing
  • Ember Components
  • Ember Models and Ember Data
  • Real-Life Tasks with Ember.js
  • Real-Time Web Application
  • And more...

Some of the more intermediate topics include, authentication, validations, addons, and the run loop to name a few.

This book is for anyone that is looking to level up their skills on Ember.js. I go over all the basics including some intermediate and advanced topics. If your learning Ember.js or your looking to get into some more intermediate topics then this book is for you!


Stay tuned, later this week I'll have an interview up with my technical editor. He'll go over how his experience was helping me write this book.

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