It's been a crazy three months. I've been working hard at my day job while going to school full time on my MBA. Unfortunately that has not left me too much time for this blog. I am sorry for anyone that has stuck around looking for updates. I am going to change that.

Starting next year, I'm going to dedicate a significant amount of my attention every week to this site. I'll be expanding on my tutorials and might even produce a video or two. My goal is to increase readership and produce as much value as I can for anyone that might stumble upond this site. I think it will be fun.

I'll be focusing on a few topics. First and foremost I want to continue to write about Ember. Ember is changing so fast, and so many people are learning it every day. Unfortunately their just isn't enough good tutorials out there, and I want to help change that. Next I'll probably write about Javascript. Mostly with the new changes and updates with ES6 and interesting new frameworks. Then I want to jump in with some Java, Jboss and hibernate topics. It's mostly stuff I work on a day-to-day bases with so it could be interesting to write about.

That's about it for now. Good things are happening. It'll just take some time! Take care!

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