The other day I ran across a Medium post about something the author calls active learning and expert beginners. It immediately caught my attention.

What is an Expert Beginner?

In particular this idea of someone being an expert beginner was interesting. Expert beginner, is someone who has a lot of confidence. They are good at talking about their project, and what it solves. They may even be able to talk about what tool, or framework to use to build that project. However, when they are pressed for more details of the pros AND cons of that tool or how that tool works, they are at a loss.

Expert beginners, don't realize the intricacies and nuances of the frameworks/libraries they advocate. This struck a cord with me because at one time, I was that person. When I first started out I used a lot of frameworks and tools, (jQuery, Ember.js, Angular) and I had no idea how they worked. It took me a long time, to fully understand and appreciate how these frameworks and libraries worked. (Writing a book on one of these frameworks helped)

Don't get me wrong, I don't know every detail of these frameworks inside and out. Although, I have peeled back the layers to try to understand more about them. In the below linked video I talk about this concept more, and how you can overcome the expert beginner phase.

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed the video and article. I've been neglecting my blogging for a while and it's something I want to continue on. If you like this article please sign up for my email list below! I'll send you a free chapter of my new book, Vue.js in Action!

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