Ember Twiddle is an open source, Ember CLI like web based JavaScript sharing tool. It's similar to JSBin and JSFiddle. The biggest difference being that Ember Twiddle uses Ember CLI.

I've been using it for the last few months on several side projects and it's great. I can save, fork and share my code really easily with Ember Twiddle. I can even embed it on my page like this.

Interview With Gaurav Munjal

Gaurav is a core contributor for Ember Twiddle. He's been taking care of the project and I had the good fortune of interviewing him. We discussed Ember Twiddle, the backstory and some of the features it has. We even got to discuss Gaurav's background and some of the pain we've all had with the constant API changes and the breakneck speed Ember.js is going.

It was fun interview. Check it out below!


Look for next week I'll be interviewing Rob Eisenberg about Aurelia. I'll be back to writing some tutorials soon. Just been busy lately!

What Is Ember Twiddle? An Interview With Gaurav Munjal