I've been working with Node for the last year on various side projects. I've grown very fond of it. In that process I've gone through a lot of tutorials. One of my favorites is from nodeschool.io. This site offers lessons on how to get started using Node. The nice thing is that you run the examples through the command line. You download an NPM module that you can run to do the tutorials. Here's is how I set it up.


First you have to download the module

sudo npm install -g learnyounode

That simple. After running you should see this screen.

nodeschool.io image

Choose the tutorial and get started.


First tutorial is to write "HELLO WORLD" to the console. Easy enough. I fired up my trusty vi and I wrote a quick hello world program in helloworld.js.

console.log("HELLO WORLD");

Then I ran a command to verify it.

learnyounode verify helloworld.js


Hello World Success

That's all there is to it. As time goes on I'll be going through more of these tutorials for fun.

NodeSchool.IO Tutorial Hello World