Do you know someone who's learning how to code? What resources are they using? In this interview I discuss this topic and more with Laurence Bradford. Laurence runs Learn To Code With Me (LTCWM) and the Newbie Coder Warehouse.

The LTCWM site offers career advice, resources and soft skills for new developers, freelancers and designers. To go along with the site is the Newbie Coder Warehouse, a Facebook group for people learning how to code. Even if you're a more advanced developer you should still check it out!

At the beginning of the interview we discuss how new programmers are learning to code. We then talk about online learning and traditional learning. At the end we dive into some topics on blogging. What steps does a developer need to do to start a blog? How can you make money from it? Check out the interview below!

Next Up

I'm working on a few more tutorials so stay tuned!

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Learning How To Code And Blog With Laurence Bradford